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best cleaning cloth 

worldwide    POWER WIPES


Propart introduces the unique BodyCare+ line

With its BodyCare+ line, Propart has now developed a product line together with a cosmetics company, that is covered by the cosmetics regulation and for which no safety sheets are needed. This product line is much more modern, simpler and safer for the user than the conventional products.

Partnerplan is a succes

It's been already a few years since the first Propart Partners in Belgium are started. The cooperation with Inddis and Profive was really a great success. Meanwhile, there are already a number of new contracts signed for in particular the Netherlands and Belgium for the new Year. The trainers of the Propart academy are going to get busy in 2017,because the interest for the Propart Partner plan is very large.

Partners wanted

You are as representative / manager or group representatives in this industry and after several years you face repeating problems that put your motivation in heavy stress. You have no longer the idea that you get the credits for your work and you are thinking of building your own customer circle.




  • Acid free
  • Solvent free
  • Very good UV resistance
  • For marble en stone

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