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  • Pleasant light perfumed

  • Antistatic effect

  • Packaged in convenient resealable bag

  • Dry use, so no longer suffer from residual water circles

Cleaning dust towels are special and very bright wax-impregnated cloths to quickly and safely remove dust and dirt from almost any smooth surface. The dust is held in the towel. By stretching them lengthwise they are slightly static. This feature ensures that the captured dust is held. The wax which is  impregnated, creates a nice even glow. They are lightly scented, creating a very pleasant scent. They are supplied in packs of 50 pieces. The convenient reseal able bag ensures that the cloths will not dry out

Cleaning dust towels  are specially designed for smooth surfaces, such as paints, plastics, computer equipment, pianos, dashboards, etc.  and therefore ideal for cleaning companies, hospitals, car companies, computer companies, retailers, furniture industry and furniture trade, piano showrooms etc.

The towel is ready for use when removing it from the resealable package.

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