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Pro Part is an active and innovative player in the field of facade panel bonding adhesive system. The Pro Part façade panel is up to days in length of able to get under extreme conditions, such as coastal areas and large heights, to catch the wind load and to ensure  a sustained adhesion.

The adhesive system prevents that the plates will fall by their own weight and it also captures the shrinkage and expansion by temperature and humidity changes on. Each plate will be worked with the same glue and the same double-sided tape, in order to prevent misunderstandings in the adhesive. There are a variety of types of façade panels on the market, each with their own specific characteristics. Each plate will be worked with a specific degreaser and/or primer which is tuned to the plate itself, The Pro Part adhesive system is designed so to be able to meet all the requirements.


Information relating to training on the system & detailed

processing instructions can be obtained through your Pro Part Dealer.




Step by step


Step 1


Fasten behind the structure

Step 2


Pre-treatment wooden battens with Primer Black

Step 3


Pre-treatment plate


Step 4


Apply double-sided tape

Step 5


Apply Adhesive

Step 6


Apply façade panel




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