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Pro Part Academy

The year 2017 is already starting to run at the end, but at the Pro Part facilities it is still very busy. Particularly after  the Komo certification of the unique Pro Part Panelbonding system and the new Pro Part Multi Use paint system, many international partners need to be trained in these new technologies. As the Panelbonding system, in particular, is currently supported by 3 manufacturers of facade boards, there is a lot of pressure at the education centre. 

Sustainable Repair

In addition to the KOMO certificate previously obtained, Pro Part has been certified by the "Sustainable Repair Foundation" since 21-09-2017.



The Propart facade adhesive system has been awarded with the DIBT and KOMO Certification !

Pro Part is an active and innovative player in the Industry of facade panel bonding adhesive systems. The Pro Part façade panel system is able to perform under extreme conditions, such as coastal areas and large heights, to catch the wind load and to ensure a sustained adhesion.

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