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2018 has started well for Pro PArt with 2 new revolutionary new products


HIGH TECH LUBE was developed from organometallic complex compounds in combination with special additives. At pressure and temperature, rough or damaged surfaces are subject to so-called thermal deformation and equalization. The complex compounds adhere to the molecules and equalize the damage and irregularity and prevent welding and friction between the metal parts. The result is a continuous and extensive leveling of the surface in the μ range. This equalization results in an exceptional, unmatched emergency running feature and reduction of wear.




SEAL & SPRAY is a universal re-paintable sealer/protector of surfaces for various industries. Also used as anti corrosion and stone chips spray with sound-proofing properties on the basis of synthetic and polymer resins. After evaporation of the solvents remains a film with good protection against various impacts and varying climatic influences, flying gravel etc. Easy to sand after drying.