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Partners wanted

Automotive / Industrie Sales Partner

You are as representative / manager or group representatives in this industry and after several years you face repeating problems that put your motivation in heavy stress. You have no longer the idea that you get the credits for your work and you are thinking of building your own customer circle.

Propart Key Stones for success:

  • Proven successful for 12,5 years!
  • Added value through certifications.
  • Direct sales model is very transparent.
  • Sustainability: there are little changes within the group.
  • Profitable for the Partner and International!
  • Many partners make the collective strong: the volumes are available for competitive pricing and consequently also the desired price level.
  • Ready to use model, the Partner can immediately start selling and make money. Often it is possible to create a region alongside your current region, so you can get started right away.

The last 10 years, our existing partners contributed to this so that these certifications are achieved and can be maintained: this is the power of the Propart group! Propart has a ready to use sales model. A starter can use the model and will be educated not only on the technical side  but also in the commercial field because the Propart organization has years of experience. This module is offered on the Propart Academy next to product training.


Please inform yourselves about the possibilities!