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Propart introduces the unique BodyCare+ line

Every company owner with employees is obliged to investigate the risks that employees face during their work and as every self-employed entrepreneur is aware, the risk inventory & evaluation has been mandatory for all employers since 1 January 1994. There are agreements about protecting the body and other working conditions. More and more, also the protection of the hands and the face are involved, as we know, for example, oils, paints and solvents will end up in the bloodstream within a few seconds. With its BodyCare+ line, Propart has now developed a product line together with a cosmetics company, that is covered by the cosmetics regulation and for which no safety sheets are needed. This product line is much more modern, simpler and safer for the user than the conventional products. Due to the fact that fewer products are needed and the products complement each other, even great savings can be realized when cleaning and using skin care.

Particularly the Propart Quattro, is a unique building Stone of this care concept.
The name already says enough: Quattro with a 4-Way operation,

  1. Protector against Water
  2. Protector against oil and dirt
  3. To work as an invisible glove.
  4. After work as a cream and care for the whole body.

The Propart Body Care + Line cleans not only, but also cleans the skin through ingredients that prevent loss of moisture in the skin, and contents substances that promote rapid recovery of damage.

Inquire about this unique product line and introduction offers with our Propart partners.