BODY WAX - Pro Part
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- Not paintable

- Permanently elastic

- Anti- Stone chip effect

- Excellent adhesion to many materials

BODY WAX Black is a thixotropic soil protection spray and wax.
Due to the thixotropic properties of the product it is a bottom plate protective coating, with “active protection”. The product gives a good adhesive, viscose-elastic film after evaporation of the solvent, and excellent protection against falling rocks and climatic influences. It is pre-eminently suited to treat or after an existing treatment and protective coatings. Body Black wax gives the thixotropic properties, a particularly reliable stone chip protection. The “active formula” (Permanently elastic), the wax fills the damage caused by stone chips independently again.

For protection under vehicles. But think of brake lines, etc.

  • Shake well before use.

  • Surface must be free of grease and loose materials, such as rust, dirt.

  • Apply the product at a distance of 20 cm in different layers.

  • Only a sufficient layer thickness has supported the active formula.

  • Do not spray on the exhaust systems, brake parts, engines and transmissions.

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