Sealer Spray System - Pro Part
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Pro Part Sealer Spray-System is a spray able system for waterproofing various substrates. It aims between the substrate and the finishing (faience, mosaic, tiles, panels or the like) to form a waterproof layer.

Substrate may be: screed, plasterboard, plaster, cementation, tiles, slabs, etc.) Applications: walk-in showers (both floor and walls) the walls around the shower,  where many areas with water being worked on, etc.



  • Smooth surface, ideal for mosaic tiling
  • Very fast and easy to process
  • Much greater security for waterproofing
  • Reduce application errors possible
  • Quality products


  • Certified training
  • Support on site


Info about the training on the system + detailed installation instructions
intends to achieve through your Pro Part Dealer.




Step by step:


Step 1

Douche stap 1

Prepare the surface as smooth as possible.

Step 2

Schermafbeelding 2016-12-15 om 16.37.59

Compact all seams by using the Pro Fix.



Step 3

Douche stap 3

Spray the first layer with Sealer Spray Black.

Step 4

Douche stap 4

Spray the second layer with Sealer Grey.